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About DIGA : Overview

The Master of Science in Data Intelligence and GeoAnalytics is a technology-enriched 36-credit graduate degree. The degree is intended to prepare learners with a solid foundation of hands-on technology to leverage new, exciting approaches in analytics and intelligence fields: 1) data acquisition, 2) data engineering, 3) principles of data science, and 4) geoanalytics and visual intelligence. These key areas are designed to provide a solid foundation in understanding technology, data development, data analysis, research, decision making, and presentation/communication skills vital for organizational effectiveness. Data intelligence provides insight to address questions about data: where to find it, how to assess it, what it means, how to organize it, how to display it, how to create meaning from it, how to leverage it for decision making, and how to share it. Geoanalytics provides a powerful combination of information and analytics with geographic information systems (GIS) to meet growing demands sought after in today’s market of integrated technology solutions.